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Survey FAQs


Q:  My partner and I use the same email, but you require separate emails.

 A:  Yes, in order to participate everyone needs a unique email address. You can get your own email for free by registering with;; or other web platforms.

Q:  We both have separate emails but can we use the same password?

A:  Yes, or you can create your own.


Q:  What is the cost of The 40 Day Prayer Challenge to me, my church or my group?

A:  It’s free. You can download various materials from this site at no cost. At the book shop and other booksellers you are welcome to purchase The 40 Day Prayer Challenge book which serves as a helpful tool to lead you through the forty days, but it is not required.


Q:  What if my partner and I skip a day of praying together?

A:  The self-discipline of praying together, five minutes a day … side by side or by telephone … is very important. Not skipping is important. But, it happens. So like in a game of golf, we suggest a “prayer mulligan”. You can take your five minutes that you skipped today and tack it onto your five minutes for tomorrow.