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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

  • The 40 Day Prayer Challenge is free.
  • Purchasing the book 40 Day Prayer Challenge is helpful but not a requirement to take The Challenge.

As a helpful tool, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge book/study guide is designed to encourage partnered prayer, to answer all of your questions, and to take you through the forty days, step-by-step.

Can We Purchase The 40 DPC Book and Study Guide at a Discount?

Yes, there are reduced-price packages for multiple book purchase’s, see bulk discounts.

How Can My Church Designate Five “Wildcard” Questions to be Asked?

The Baylor University study provides an opportunity for churches and religious organizations to insert five “wildcard” questions.

When your designated person signs-up your church for participation in The 40 Day Prayer Challenge there is a provision for you to write-in five questions, unique to your organization, which could relate to attendance, tithing, church activities, or other areas of specific interest. You may wish to confer with other church leaders to settle upon your five questions before starting. Click the Take The Survey at the top to sign up.

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