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Prayer Tips

If praying does not come easy for you, try these tips to make your prayer life more focused and effective.

  1. Just start talking with God, in conversation, the way you would with a loving father.
  2. Feel free to use everyday language; it’s not necessary to speak with words like “thee” and “thou”.
  3. Choose a quiet place to pray. Meeting with your prayer partner at the same time every day will   help to build consistency and accountability.
  4. Begin with an attitude of gratitude thanking God for specific things.
  5. Confess your wrongdoings; ask for forgiveness.
  6. It is preferable that you both pray aloud, but it is okay if one talks and the other listens.
  7. You can keep your prayers short. Don’t feel guilty if a sentence or two is all you need to express yourself. It’s the sincerity of your prayers that counts, not the length.
  8. Keep a notepad or journal handy to make a list of your prayer requests; perhaps a “Dear God” letter in which you express personal thoughts. You can then go back and see the amazing results.
  9. Spend time reading scripture to each other and reflecting upon it.
  10. Pray for your family, relationships and self.

Sample Prayers

The more you practice praying together, the more comfortable you’ll become, and soon the words will flow from your heart, and your conversations with God will feel authentic.

To help you reach that place of comfort, the following sample prayers may be a guide.

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving us.
Thank-you for my [husband/wife].
Please help us to be open and honest with each other.
Help us to be kind and patient.
Teach us to show appreciation every day.
Help us to honor each other more than we honor ourselves.
Help our marriage to grow stronger and stronger.

God please help me to forgive others.
Help me to be obedient.
Help me to be happy.

Lord, thank you for [name of friend].
Bless [name] today. Help [him/her]. Keep [him/her] safe.
Thank-you that we can trust each other with our concerns and our heart’s desires.
Thank-you for this gift of friendship.

God, please help my family. We need your help with __________.
Please direct us to the scriptures that will give us clarity and comfort.
Show us how to place more attention on helping each other, than on ourselves.
Let us become encouragers for one another.

Lord, [partner’s name/I] need(’s) healing today.
Give [partner’s name/me] the strength and the wisdom to overcome this health issue.
Place doctors and people around [partner’s name /me] who can help.

Lord, please lead [partner’s name/me] to the perfect employment opportunity.
Align [partner’s name/me] to be at the right place at the right time for your will to be done. We seek your strength persevering and refusing to accept discouragement.

God I pray that you will protect [my/our] children and watch over them every day.
Your Word says Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. [Prov. 22:6, NIV]
Help us to guide them on the right path. Keep them safe from any harm—physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Send your angels to protect them and defend them against the Enemy.

God, there is uncertainty about [partner’s name/my] [finances] … [health] … [marriage.]
Please help [partner’s name/me] to focus on You and not on circumstances.
I know that you will do what’s best for [partner’s name/me] in every situation because your Word tells us that ALL things work together for good.

God you are always with us. Please guide our every action.
There are times that doubt and fear creep into [our/my] thoughts.
Help us lean on You and not on our own understanding.
Help us to focus not on our problems but on You, God.