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Pray Together Stay Together, Inc.


PTST Founders SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt began to champion the joys of Partnered Prayer in their 2006 book Couples Who Pray when they encouraged husbands and wives to partner up and take the 40 Day Prayer Challenge, agreeing to pray five minutes a day for forty days.

In 2016 they have expanded their reach to married and non-married couples, two family members and two friends, with a new book 40 Day Prayer Challenge: Unlocking the Power of Partnered Prayer. Testimonies from couples and families are heart-warming and often astonishing, as excerpts attest.

“What could be better than hearing my husband acknowledge thethe difficult job of mothering four kids, keeping up with a house and trying to work outside the home.  It was just precious to hear Chad ask blessings over me.”

Kesleigh Castle

Working in association with some of America’s most notable megachurches and Baylor University’s prestigious Institute for the Studies of Religion, PTST, Inc. has helped foster the first-ever empirical study on the outcome of continuous daily prayer.

The first phase of the study, expected to be released as early as the Fall of 2016, may have a sweeping impact upon the way pastors and churches prioritize prayer, particularly the experience of Partnered Prayer. Moreover, some believe that the Baylor data could have a direct and profound influence on slowing the divorce rate.

“We were hanging by a thread…a perforated thread.  We begrudgingly took the 40 Day Prayer Challenge, praying together, for the first seven days, through gritted teeth.  We got to the fortieth day and our relationship has never been better.”
Ross Shafer

Your charitable contribution directly underwrites the vital Baylor Research including the evaluation of data and the preparation of reports on findings.

Your kindness also supports PTST’s active outreach to the 300,000 churches across the nation, urging them to get excited about launching the 40 Day Prayer Challenge, and to join us in gathering data for Baylor’s landmark study.

PTST simultaneously is creating wide public awareness of the Partnered Prayer testimony that is emerging from thousands of Men’s, Women’s and Family Ministries; small group sessions; and Sunday morning pulpit presentations, in order to actively disciple the principles of Partnered Prayer to strengthen marriages, heal families and create binding friendships.

“Although the concept of Partnered Pray sounds like something new, it was actually introduced by Jesus, 2000 years ago. He said, ‘If two of you agree—in prayer—about anything, it will be given to you by my Father in Heaven.'”

Matthew 18:19

If you believe, as we do, that it’s time for revival across the globe, your involvement in furthering Partner Prayer and the 40 Day Prayer Challenge may be viewed by future generations as the spark that lit the fuse.

Would you join us?

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